Why PYReco® Waste Tyre Recycling?

Waste Hierarchy

  • PYReco®’s Thermal Recovery Process supports global Product Stewardship, Extended Producer Responsibility and Circular Economy initiatives
  • The obligation is increasing on parties within the tyre industry to be legally responsible for ensuring that the best method of waste processing is adopted in accordance with National Waste Policy
  • PYReco® thermal recovery technology is a waste recycling process which qualifies for the RE-USE category

PYReco® Thermal Recovery Process

PYReco® Carbon Black

  • Extensive pre-production R&D was conducted with Artis Rubber Consultancy, the research division of Avon Rubber, and with leading global tyre manufacturers
  • The recovered Carbon Black (rCB) produced by PYReco®’s post thermal refining process has been confirmed as of a very high quality, fully capable for use in new tyre manufacture
  • PYReco® recovered Carbon Black (rCB) also has characteristics that make is suitable for non-tyre, high-tech specialist applications

PYReco® has succeeded in developing a clean, high quality,
substitute for virgin carbon black from a commercial scale processMartyn Bennett, Chief Scientist at Artis