Pierre J Dreyer

Pierre has spent a lifetime in the tyre industry.

His career began in 1969 with Dunlop as a technical assistant, later moving to sales in 1971 and was promoted to District Sales Manager, in 1973.

In 1974, Pierre started a tyre distribution, retail tyre centre and truck tyre retreading plant in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, with the necessary finance provided by Trencor ( Transport and Engineering Corporation, SA (Pty) LTD, a listed company on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange).

Through mergers and acquisitions, this company grew rapidly, throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, from 350 sales outlets, in excess of 5,000, staff supported by 35 retreading plants located in – South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Angola, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.

In the 1980’s global tyre manufacturers attempted to control their own distribution, so it was not long before global new tyre manufacturers, made acquisitions of this size and magnitude.

In 1983 the business was purchased by Goodyear International. In the capacity of Managing Director, he remained with the company fulfilling his obligations until his resignation in 1997.

In 1998, in the position of Managing Director, he was included in a consortium which purchased Dunlop Tyres SA (Pty) Ltd, which was a Johannesburg Stock Exchange Listed company. The company began a process of re-engineering and reorganisation. Known as Dunlop International, some significant and strategic strategies were implemented. The company was delisted from the Stock exchange (JSE). Significant equipment upgrades to both South African plants were completed more than trebling production. Entered into substantial tyre export contracts into Europe.

Acquired the trademark rights of Dunlop for most of Africa, Latin America, The Caribbean,  Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei.
Completed the build, plant installation and commissioning of a substantial new tyre factory in Liaoning Province in northeast China.
Became a net technology exporter to tyre manufacturers, a total turnaround from being a net importer of technology from Sumitomo Rubber Industries Japan. With the objectives achieved Dunlop International was sold to various investors from around the world in 2006.

In 2010 he joined PYReco® and in 2012 was appointed to the Board.