Anthony Carter

Founder and Chairman of PYReco®
Anthony’s family farming interests led into his longstanding interest in the green agenda and sustainable development. He first took an interest in pyrolysis in the mid-1990’s when he was able to work closely alongside the consulting engineers Stone & Webster, now part of Shaw Group. From this, he saw the potential for using lower temperatures to enable the recovery of material that would normally be gasified at high temperatures and recognised the potential for very significant environmental advantages using this approach.

He then founded PYReco where he established and led the successful research into ways of maximising the quality of recovered materials using old tyres and similar man-made rubber as the feedstock material.

Anthony has been a speaker at a number of international conferences including The Intelligent Tyre Technology Conference (Koln) the Advanced Automotive Recycling Conference (Wiesbaden) and the Energy and Environment North East Conference (Newcastle). He was also invited to join the Advisory Panel of the Middlesbrough-based Thermal Technology Centre, a UK Government funded pyrolysis research centre run by the Tees Valley Centre for Process Innovation.

Brief Career History
Commissioned into The Blues and Royals Cavalry Regiment of the British Army. Served in Germany and Cyprus.
On leaving the army, began a career in the City of London, specialising in Unit Trust and Insurance sales – became a Life Member of Million Dollar Round Table 1979 – 1993
Established Rudolf Wolff Fund Management, the first UK Multi-Manager Futures Fund Management Company.
Created a range of onshore-authorised collective investment programmes instrumental in changing HMRC tax treatment of derivative investments, which raised circa $300m under management.
Established Asset Judge Ltd; a Private Hedge Fund Manager. Subsequently bought by Union Discount.
Established Matrix Fund Management; a joint venture between Union Discount and Demachy Worms (Paris). This was a AAA rated multi-currency day traded liquidity fund listed on the Dublin Stock Exchange. Circa $160m under management
Co-founded (Chairman) Oxford index an international sustainable development consultancy that provides social development and environmental investment risk management to transnational corporations, governments, foundations, multilateral organisations and the NGO sector.