True recycling is an essential element of our future and PYReco® represents a step change in the treatment of waste materials, providing the opportunity to contribute to reversing the current unsustainable global business model.

The company has devoted many years to understanding the chemical processes and properties that are needed to create quality materials from “waste”. The waste that others create and struggle to dispose of is our raw material. Central to this has been a requirement to be able to make new materials of a proper commercial standard that are able to be reused in new manufacture. A proper approach to recycling and a sound business model are fully capable of going hand in hand.

A truly sustainable circular economy

Working together with Governments and National Agencies PYReco® can help in resolving some of these issues in a way which promotes re-use, reduces pollution and creates the basis for a truly sustainable circular economy.

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.North American Indian Proverb

From the beginning, the intention has been to blend a successful business model with our ambition to lead in areas of technology that will serve to help the climate change agenda in the medium term. An extended period of research and development over the last few years has demonstrated that this can be achieved, with huge improvements to a National Carbon Footprint.

Technology in partnership with Governments is the ideal way to solve these problems.

If everyone had the same same standard of living as people living in North America or Europe, we would need the resources of three planet Earths.